person holding several boxes of Crunchy Nut Bars from South 40 Snacks
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People discovered nut trees a long time ago. They got big and would bear fruit. The nuts would fall off the trees and people would gather them, crack the shells open, and eat what was inside. It was cool.
Sometime later, since they had bees nearby, they got creative and mixed the nuts with honey and sugar and baked them with fire. People loved it. These were the original energy bars.
But then modernity and marketers got into the mix, and people somehow were convinced they needed functional food to get a leg up. After centuries, people started mixing nuts with protein powders, eggs, pastes, butters, and other weird stuff.
We just like the way it used to be. Simple. Transparent. Delicious. Crunchy. We believe in living authentically, taking the time to enjoy simple pleasures that come in many different forms and flavors – whether it's cracking sunflower seeds or crunching nut bars.